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Otto Kaiser Patient Portal
OKMH has partnered with MyCareCorner (MCC) patient portal to bring a new service to our community and patients.

MCC Support Hotline Service (NOW AVAILABLE)
Hotline Number - 855-478-8101
8AM - 5PM Central Time (Service is closed on all MCC holidays. Calls outside of business hours and on holidays will go to voicemail and be returned the next business day.)

The support hotline should be your patients' first call for issues like:
• Password resets
• MyCareCorner account deletion
• Help connecting to third-party apps and health devices
• Sharing records
• Managing accounts
• Accepting/troubleshooting MyCareCorner invitations
• General bill payment questions (rerouted to TruBridge billing company)
• MyCareCorner desktop and mobile app navigation
**Hotline WILL NOT answer clinical questions or questions about specific health conerns***

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This is a picture of some of the staff for physical therapy. To the far left there is a male with a black polo shirt and tan pants on next to him is a female with long brown hair with blue scrubs on next to her is another female with brown hair behind her is a male with a blue polo on next to him is a older lady with green scrubs and a blue long sleeve on next to her is a lady with green scrubs and to the far right there is a male with blue scrubs on
Otto Kaiser Physical Rehabilitation Department

The Otto Kaiser Rehabilitation Department offers comprehensive outpatient and inpatient therapy services including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. Our licensed therapists provide individualized treatment to our patients that focuses on improving quality of life and restoring function.
The Rehab Department is located within the hospital. This allows patients to come into the clinic on an outpatient basis to receive treatment. Also, because of our location, our therapists provide specialized care to our inpatient Swing Bed program. The Swing Bed program allows patients to stay in the hospital to receive skilled therapy and nursing services while recovering from an acute medical illness or surgery.

Scope of services includes the treatment of developmental, musculoskeletal, orthopedic, neurological, and sports related injuries. Our experienced therapists offer one-on-one therapy sessions, with an emphasis on coordinated care and active patient participation, all while working towards the patient's goals and an improved level of function.

Direct Phone: 830-583-4578
Direct Fax: 830-583-4598

Orders can be faxed or emailed to

Hours of Operation:

Monday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm Tuesday-Friday: 7:00 am-6:00 pm Lunch from: 12-1pm
Contact: Dusty Soliz, PT, Director of Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy aims to restore, enhance, or preserve physical function and mobility that occurs as a result of injury, disease, or disability.

Common diagnoses and conditions Physical Therapists treat:

Orthopedic and sports related Injuries
Total joint replacement rehabilitation
Post surgical rehabilitation
Neurological disorders (such as stroke, brain injury, Parkinson disease)
Positional Vertigo, vestibular disorders
Balance and gait disorders
Conditions benefiting from the Kaiser Wellness Aquatic therapy heated pool
Biomechanical deficits affecting physical/sports performance using dorsaVi® wearable sensor technology

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy aims to assist patients with improving, restoring, and developing skills needed to perform the tasks of daily living. Treatment centers around improving motor skills, coordination, and cognition to work toward more independent living.

Common diagnoses and conditions Occupational Therapists treat:

Upper extremity and hand injuries
Neurological disorders (such as stroke, brain injury, Parkinson disease)
Degenerative conditions such as arthritis
Functional disabilities affecting activities of daily living/self-care
Certified Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) BIG ®: Provides a specialized
individual treatment for persons with Parkinson disease to use their bodies more normally

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy aims to improve speech, language and swallowing deficits.

Common diagnoses and conditions Speech Therapists treat:

Articulation: lisps, phonological processing disorders, speech sounds delays
Dysphagia: (difficulty swallowing) Vital Stim @ Therapy
Language: developmental delays
Pragmatics/social language skills
SPEAK OUT! and The LOUD Crowd: individual and group treatment programs that restore oral communication in individuals with Parkinson Disease (PD).